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Polyurethane is a urethane polymer. It has a very low coefficient of thermal conductivity, which makes it a very good insulator. It is also effective at noise levels. Very resistant to humidity, it is a steam barrier. Transformed into film, it will protect the material from corrosion, abrasion and erosion.

Polyurethane supplier

SNETOR, a polyurethane supplier, has been working alongside manufacturers for over 35 years. 

As a polyurethane PU supplier, SNETOR recommends using this material for the manufacture of flexible foams, such as those used in furniture or rigid foams, which are generally used for construction or product insulation. Thanks to its many qualities, polyurethane can also be used for the production of glues, wheels, shock absorbers, car dashboards, textile fibers etc.

Discover our range of polyurethane plastics

Supplier of polyurethane plastics since 1981, SNETOR offer different models.

Additives : 

Silicone, amine, tin, colorant, …

MEC (Methylene Chloride)

Kraft paper

Rigid and flexible POLYOL


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