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Polyvinyl chloride, better known to the general public as PVC plastic is a thermoplastic available in rigid or flexible form.

PVC resin cannot be used on its own : compounders include additives in it to create flexible or rigid PVC compounds in the form of powder or granules after processing.

Since 2015, Snetor Distribution markets pvc compounds from Ineos

PVC Compounds can be rigid or flexible, transparent or colored in the mass and are mainly used in extrusion, injection, or blow-molding extrusion.

Additives can be incorporated to obtain different properties of the PVC compound:

  • Plasticizer
  • Implementing agent
  • Shock modifiers
  • Chalk
  • Pigments – Pigments
  • Blowing agents
  • UV stabilizers
  • Fire retardant
  • Nitrile to increase persistence

PVC Compounds are easily transformable. They have an interesting cost and can also come with:

  • Improved external resistance (weather, UV)
  • Improved impact resistance
  • Improved fire resistance
  • Improved resistance to chemicals (e. g. cleaning)

Improved insulating properties (phonic, thermal or electrical)


As an experienced PVC distributor and provider, Snetor recommends PVC compounds usage in the following application domains:

  • Medical : flexible tubes, blood bags, catheters – radiation resistance, anti-microbials
  • Construction: electrical eavestroughs, cladding, windows or finishing profiles, roller shutters, various building profiles
  • Cables: automotive, telecommunications
  • Hoses: food, gas and air, pressure tubes
  • Curtains with transparent strips
  • Packaging: bottles, vials, blister pack
  • Other: floor tiles, window or other joints, discs

Our PVC range


PVC recycling

As most plastic compounds and products from the petro-chemical industry, PVC plastics represent a potential danger for the environment. Aware of these issues, and willful to lower the ecological impact of its Plastics Compounds production to the maximum, SNETOR group, international PVC supplier can also advise its clients for PVC recycling or any plastic recycling issues.

Resysta PVC Compound  РIneos

New innovative material: Resysta rigid PVC compound (PVC compound + rice pods), manufactured by INEOS Compounds Switzerland, can be extruded, injected or thermoformed.

As a PVC supplier, SNETOR is able to deliver it in expanded version, flexible, high impact resistance or high fire resistance.

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