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Snetor USA

Snetor USA has been present in the North American market since 2013.

With its expansion, Snetor Group opened an office in Houston in 2013 with the establishment of the commercial structure Snetor USA.

Today Snetor USA is a leading player in the plastic materials market. Because of its sustained growth, Snetor USA has managed to establish itself on the North American market.

Snetor USA possess a vast logistics network dedicated to the export market of North America and to the sellers in the local market (USA and Canada).

our mission


  • The sourcing of raw materials of plastic for export sales in the European, African, and Latin America markets, …

  • Distribution on the United States’ market and Canada’s market


  • 4 logistics platforms in the United States for the export market.

  • 5 warehouses in the United States and 2 warehouses in Canada for distribution in the local market.