CABAMIX and SNETOR sign a distribution agreement

The Snetor Group is now the official CABAMIX distributor for the CARBOMAX® and CARBOMAX®BIO ranges in several European and Latin American countries via its subsidiaries Snetor Distribution and Snetor Chimie.

CABAMIX, a manufacturer of calcium-carbonate based additives for the plastics processing industry since 2013 is allying with SNETOR, a major player in plastics sales and distribution in Europe, Africa and Latin America for the distribution of products from its  CARBOMAX® and CARBOMAX®BIO ranges.

Effective April 1, 2020,  SNETOR became the official distributor of the  CARBOMAX® and CARBOMAX®BIO ranges in Germany, France, Italy, the UK, Ireland, Spain, Portugal, Romania and the Balkans.

In Latin America, Snetor enjoys exclusive commercialisation rights for the CARBOMAX®BIO range in Chile, Peru, Colombia, Argentina, Uruguay and Brazil.

This agreement testifies to SNETOR’s commitment to pursue a reasoned and reasonable approach in order to contribute to protecting the environment and achieving social progress. SNETOR is thus expanding its Snetor Green range which covers all the recycled and bioplastics sold by the Group.

Snetor’s teams are proud to continually bring more efficient solutions to its customers.

Our dedicated Snetor Green team will be pleased to make their expertise available for your research and development projects.

We look forward to hearing from you:

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