Encouraging and contributing to the transition towards a circular economy remains a priority for the Snetor group.

As a responsible player, our carbon footprint has enabled us to understand the origin of the emissions generated by our activities. The development of our Snetor Green range and the projects carried out by our Responsible Purchasing and Green Supply Chain working groups are now all levers for improvement with a view to reducing our emissions and demonstrating our environmental responsibility.

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The Snetor Group is committed to reducing greenhouse gas emissions linked to the purchase of raw materials, i.e. the manufacture of plastic, particularly during the steam-cracking phase.

Increasing the proportion of recycled plastic in our purchases for suitable types of plastic is a major area for improvement. Manufacturing one kg of PET from recycled plastic emits three times less CO2e than manufacturing one kg of virgin plastic.

For example, the production of a plastic bottle from recycled plastic emits 70% less CO2 than when it is made from virgin plastic.

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