Linear low-density polyethylene (LLDPE)


Linear low density polyethylene is also one of the most commonly used packaging films in the packaging industry. The reduction in density is due to the use of comonomers that add side groups to the main chain, which act like branches by reducing crystallinity. LLDPE is also a soft, flexible material with a hazy appearance. At the same density and thickness, LLDPE has higher impact strength, tensile strength, puncture resistance and elongation than LDPE.

Properties and features

Density between 910 kg/m3 and approximately 940 kg/m3, and is 65% or 75% crystalline at room temperature.

Improved chemical resistance and tensile strength, but slightly lower impact resistance than LDPE and MDPE.



Toys, cutlery, cable covers, etc.


Plastic film, stretch film

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