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Polypropylene is a very regular thermoplastic polymer that was discovered during the polyethylene fabrication process.

In1953 Karl Ziegler and the Giulio Natta developed an industrial polypropylene production process. Both inventors got the Nobel Prize for their work.

Snetor Group : polypropylene supplier for more than 35 years

As an industrial plastics expert with more than 25 years of experience, SNETOR is a world-reference polypropylene (PP) supplier with international activities since 2014.

Today SNETOR has become the main polypropylene supplier of numerous chemical and plastic transformation companies worldwide. SNETOR’s team of chemical plastic experts are dedicated to advise professionals for any issue concerning plastic material and polypropylene production, supply or reselling. Our commercial team is committed to ensure our client a constant, steady and secured supply of polypropylene material.

Our polypropylene



Homopolymer polypropylene is a polymer chain composed only of propylene monomers.


Its main mechanic property is resistance to shocks.Copolymer polypropylene can have an random organization in random polypropylenes

Polypropylene PP is mainly used in food processing industry and agriculture industry to make packaging elements and boxes, As a thermoplastic it can also be shaped into textile plastic fibers. Totally waterproof, it is used in outside ground surfaces materials, disposable clothes or waterproof shoes.

SNETOR plastics is also a distributor and supplier of polypropylene for the automobile industry: many car parts, such as shock absorbers, gas tanks etc. are made with various forms of polypropylene PP

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