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Polystyrene (PS) is a synthetic polymer made from a chain of styrene monomers and is a synthetized from petrochemical byproducts. The polystyrene chemical formula wasn’t discovered before 1839, and a century will pass before its synthesis process could be industrialized   

Invented in 1944, expanded polystyrene (PSE or XPS) was first used as an insulator in buildings, construction, transports and food-processing industry.

Today Polystyrene is essential in many domains and industries.

The ultimate asset of this material: it is easily recyclable by a granulation process.

Snetor : Polystyrene supplier for more than 35 years

As a reference in industrial plastics trade and distribution since 1981 SNETOR is a fully skilled worldwide polystyrene supplier and is able to provide any quantity of polystyrene plastic material in its most common forms (Raw expanded polystyrene beads or molded polystyrene pieces for insulation or any purpose). Since its international build-up in 2014, Snetor is able to deliver on every continent. Snetor provides its expertise and know-how in order to assist you in your choices and plastic transformation processes

Our Polystyrenes

As a recognized polystyrene supplier and international polystyrene reseller, SNETOR group is present on every continent and markets polystyrene on every forms as well as most common industrial plastic materials:    

Expanded Polystyrene foam (XPS)

The raw primary polystyrene beads are expanded by heating with steam or hot air and then cooled at controlled speeds to obtain different kinds of polystyrene foam density and thus tuning the physical and mechanic properties of the final product.

Cristal Polystyrene

Raw basic polystyrene material. Transparent, hard and easily breakable

Expanded Extruded Polystyrene (PSE or XPS)

As a polystyrene supplier, SNETOR group recommends PSE usage in buildings, food and agricultural transport and storage products or fragile cargo packaging.

Shock Resistant Polystyrene (HIPS)

It comes from the addition of a synthetic rubber, polybutadiene, during styrene molecules polymerization. Very resistant to shocks, it is mainly recommended by polystyrene suppliers for office equipment, food and agriculture business (dairy products packaging), bottles, …

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