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Since its creation, SNETOR group is a reference polyethylene terephthalate (PET) plastics supplier in France and worldwide

PET supplier

Our customers are mainly industrial professionals which use PET in flasks and bottle fabrication as polyethylene terephthalate is tight to gaseous CO2. In this form the product is usually delivered as polyethylene beads or polyethylene pellets.

PET can also be transformed in a fibrous form as a filling material in cushions or pillows, plush toys, or textile fibers in clothing industry.

PET : 100% recyclable plastic 

PET is a fully recyclable material. The material can be reused and processed 3 to 4 times, keeping all its properties. Its recycling requires a very low energy consumption compared to the manufacture of a product. 

If, like your PET supplier, you put the environment and quality at the centre of your company’s concerns, our quality department is there to advise you on all European certifications.

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