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The key feature of thermoplastic materials is their ability to soften when heated, allowing easy molding and shaping possibilities? Depending on fabrication processes (extrusion, blowing, injection molding…), thermoplastic resins and materials show different mechanical and chemical properties.

Snetor, your thermoplatic supplier

Snetor Group specialized in plastics and thermoplastics distribution and supply since 1981. its corporate clients in France and Europe, mainly in transformation industry. Snetor is today the main plastic supplier of many industrial companies on all continents.

Our thermoplastic materials



PVC plastic (or Poly Vinyl Chloride) is available in a crystalline form, in which case it will mainly be used in plastic pipes or plastic sheaths. PVC can also be in a atactic form, in which case it is used principally for making surfacing materials


With simple and low-cost production techniques, polyethylene thermoplastics are available in vast quantities and low prices.” most common thermoplastic materials, known in the industry for their convenience and their wide application ranges.

Polyethylene PE can be used to make packaging films, eve for food industry, but also plastic bags, plastic bottles, automobile parts, kitchen boxes, etc.


Shock resistance, waterproofing, heat and electric insulation are the key and most demanded features of polystyrene plastics. This category of thermoplastics is used in various domains such as office equipment, food packaging, etc.” most common and convenient industrial thermoplastic materials.

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