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Polyethylene plastic is the most commonly used plastic material in the industry . Its chemical formula was discovered by Hans Von Pechman in 1898, but its industrial production didn’t build up before 1939.

As a skilled polyethylene HDPE and LDPE supplier, SNETOR recommends this plastic material for its facility of use and transformation (drilling, boring and cutting…), its resistance to chemicals, UV rays and mechanic shocks

Snetor : HDPE and LDPE supplier

As an HDPE and LDPE polyethylene supplier with more than 35 years of experience in the plastic industry, SNETOR has specialized in polyethylene beads and polyethylene pellets production. SNETOR advises and guides its clients, help optimize their raw plastic materials supply chain, thus developing their activity.

Our polyethylene



The high density polyethylene plastic (HDPE) was the first to be commercialized. Rigid and tough, PEHD comes in the shape of plastic sheets, beads or pellets. It is very resistant to acids and alcohols. PEHD polyethylene is frequently used in rigid kitchen plastic boxes, bottle caps, etc.

Highly resistant plastic crates, canoe-kayaks, bottle caps, milk bottles, milk bottles, detergent packaging, motor oil cans, shampoo bottles, medicine bottles, medicine bottles, pipe nets, buried cables, transporting gas or water hoses… Bag fabrication is also possible but it crumples easily and comes back more or less spontaneously in its original form.


Low density polyethylene, or LDPE, is more flexible but it has a lower mechanical resistance. It is translucent an weldable. SNETOR recommends this material for flexible products manufacturing: films, plastic bags, electrical insulators, toys, pipes, soup bottles,… A LDPE bag is greasy to the touch, creases silently and punctures with the finger. 





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